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Often called the "gateway to the Lakes" and sometimes the "Old grey town" Kendal lies on the river Kent a handy distance from the M6.

The twelfth century stone ruins of Kendal Castle sit on a hill on the edge of the town, offering views over Kendal and the surrounding hills. It was once owned by the Parr family of which Catherine Parr, Henry VIII's sixth wife, was a famous member.

Kendal's wealth originally came from the wool trade. The trade grew in the 14th century when Flemish weavers came to the area. From this time through the 19th century there were many mills on the River Kent. Kendal is known for 'Kendal Green',a hardwearing material worn by Kendal archers.

Kendal Mint Cake is famous the world over with explorers and mountaineers and was invented by a mistake in the manufacturing process!

The Brewery Arts Centre, housed in a former brewery located in the centre of Kendal, is a multi-purpose arts complex that offers theatre, music, cinema, art galleries, a restaurant and more besides.

The town has excellent shops and some good restaurants.

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