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Newquay Accommodation, Family Attractions, Pet Friendly Places, Food and Drink, Shops and Services :
A comprehensive guide to the city of Chester: whats on, where to stay and what to see.
The Lake District is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  However our high level paths are surprisingly fragile.  With millions of visitors each year, grass is compacted by feet and worn away by wind, rain and ice.Since 2002 skilled footpath repair teams with the help of hundreds of volunteers have been using both traditional and cutting edge techniques to maintain and repair the Lake District’s upland footpaths.  With generous funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the support of our fantastic partners, we’ve fixed more than 160 Lake District paths, but at least 60 are still in desperate need of some tender loving care.Find out more about the problem the work the fixers do to solve it, and how you can help
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