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Weddings in Cumbria

The Lake District offers a beautiful setting for your special day but please bear in mind the following:
Lega civil ceremonies must be non-religious in content, which means no hymns, religious readings or prayers.
The marriage must take place at a licensed venue to be legally valid in England and Wales.
To arrange your wedding:
First, contact the hotel where you wish your marriage to take place, discuss the arrangements and timings with the wedding coordinator and make a provisional booking.

Contact the Superintendent Registrar, who will be conducting the ceremony, to ensure that he/she will be available. Make an appointment to give Formal Notice of Marriage at the Register Office(s) in the district(s) in which you live. This must be done by both oy you in person.

Giving Notice means you are declaring that you are lawfully free to marry each other. The notice must be carried out in person and is valid for one year.
Certain original documents will be required, photocopies will not be accepted:
Proof of identity (birth certificates or passports)
If divorced - a Decree Absolute stamped by the court. If divorced abroad bring your original divorce documents, which will need to be translated if not in English.
If widowed - a death certificate for your late spouse.
If under 18 - proof of parents' or guardians' consent will be required